The Berlin

The Berlin

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The Berlin
The Berlin is one of the most comfortable figure-8 bridles. This bridle was created specifically for the sensitive horse that goes best in the figure 8 design. The Berlin features an extra wide, extra padded centerpiece to offer additional comfort. Along with padding throughout the noseband, this bridle also features padded leather paddles behind the hardware on the cheekpieces, this provides cushioning between the hardware and your horses face. These small but notable features such as the extra padding, paddles and wide centerpiece allow the bridle to provide additional comfort while distributing pressure evenly when and where necessary. 

Key Features

  • Extra padding
  • Extra wide centerpiece
  • Padded leather paddles
  • Fancy Stitching


  • Buffalo 

Suitable for 
This bridle is suitable for the jumper ring. 

This bridle does not come with reins. 

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