India and Italy

Anatomical and ergonomically friendly tack is important and appreciated by most horses because of it's sensitivity to the horses anatomy. The goal of anatomic type tack whether it be semi or fully anatomical is to provide comfort, distribute pressure evenly when and where necessary OR alleviate pressure completely when and where necessary. The most sensitive parts on the horses body are their neck / poll area and face, areas where we often have the most contact. The goal of the anatomic style bridle is to alleviate pressure from sensitive nerves, vertebras and ligaments in hopes to allow the horse a more comfortable and stress free ride. It is important to keep in mind that all horses react differently, the anatomic style bridle is by no means a magic tool and may not show a difference for every horse. 

Most leather that is not vegetable tanned is chrome tanned. Chrome tanning can be not only dangerous for horses (resulting in rashes or other allergic reactions) but is also dangerous for the person working with chrome tanning. Studies have linked many cases of respiratory cancer (among many other cancers) to those who work with leathers and chrome tanning. There is a small impact you can make in the leather industry in order to change it for the better, we have decided to contribute to that change in hopes that it will one day grow and promote healthy living for those working in leather tanneries. 

Vegetable tanned leather is considered "normal leather" and should be the most desired. Due to the tanning process, when vegetable tanned leather meets water too often this can dry the leather out or cause it to become brittle. We encourage people to use leather balm on our tack to keep it in the best condition, and oil on occasion. 

While we strive to provide quality products, we cannot guarantee the amount or type of use each individual item will withstand to. This is due to many factors such as amount of wear and tear, environment, personal method of tack care, etc ... If your item breaks or becomes unuseable within 15 days of your purchase date we will issue a full refund after inspection. Inspection results are at the discretion of our leather craftsman. 

We use bufflo