The Riviera

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The Riviera
Known as "the squishy bridle", The Riviera is by far our most comfortable and structure-friendly bridle. This bridle features a 4.5cm extra wide noseband with extra padding, a fully detachable flash, and traditional rollers for a smooth closure. The extra padding featured in the noseband's design allows the bridle to offer an optional semi-ergonomic and anatomic fit once the flash is removed. This may provide additional comfort while distributing pressure evenly when and where necessary. 

Key Features

  • Extra padding
  • Fancy Stitching
  • Soft non-raised noseband 


  • Buffalo 

Suitable for 
This bridle is suitable for all rings, however it is considered non-traditional for those who choose to use it in the hunter ring. 

This bridle does not come with reins. 

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